Minds Beyond Limits
HigherWill is a transformational method for personal and spiritual growth. Through a combination of energy work and coaching techniques we are not only able to release limiting behaviour patterns that have been holding us back, but we can liberate these into empowering beliefs through shifting our mindset.

These new beliefs form part of the riches that make up our knowledge base and true confidence that we can build on going forward. They are also part of the foundations that allow us to flourish through offering us a deeper insight into our life path, helping us to connect with our higher values, and alignment to our Life Purpose.

In one to one zoom sessions we work in a way that is open and approachable and one that encourages you to take control of your own healing and growth.

For a free 15 minute zoom consultation, and to find out more about session programmes and costs, please email lubna@higherwill.co.uk , or call +44 7491394377

How It Works

Your mind is a truly amazing piece of engineering. We use so little of it that there is - from our perspective at least - unlimited room for growth. The HigherWill process is designed to elicit the superconscious mind and to bring some of this magic into the conscious awareness by forging a closer connection with the Higher Self.

Ideally mind, heart, body & soul work together in harmony, and we feel motivated and able to give of ourselves in relationships and our work life. However in the course of living our lives we suffer blows that knock us off-centre, creating blockages in our energy fields. These eventually cause internal tensions which can manifest as recurring self-sabotaging behavioural patterns which stunt our growth and progress, feelings of loss of meaning and direction in life, experience a disconnect from the Self, mental illness, addictions, physical ill-health.

HigherWill works by:
💫   Aligning the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds, and improving communications with the Higher Self
💛   Resolving trauma and negative emotional patterns that stifle development in personal relationships and in work life, and transforming them into empowering beliefs
☀️   Easing stress and related symptoms such as panic attacks, depression
🌼   Clients often report relief from physical pain as an effect of the energy work we do together

Excerpts from testimonials:
-  Emma, U.S.:    I have been applying Lubna’s meditation techniques and recordings, and I found our sessions really moving and inspirational. It helped me to relax and put myself together. Besides, I definitely discovered a lot about myself. Wish I could have this opportunity meeting her a while ago.(Oct 20)
-  Lucas, UK:    It helped with my sleeplessness but also more importantly connected me with my divine being. Within this, I was able to see that the sleep issues were a symptom of what was out of balance with my higher self.  (July 20)
-  Sadie, UK:    Lubna’s healing worked in a series of incredible internal shifts which happened between each session with a wonderful ripple effect and positive change and growth.  (Feb 20)
-  Joy Radhe, UK:   In just three sessions the transformation was amazing. I will highly recommend her healing for all souls desiring to re-connect with their respective Higher Selves.  (Oct 19)
-  Max, Germany:    The real surprise was I felt an energy passing across my brow and a fog lifting. I'd been grappling with a problem in my life for the past 2 years and I had a moment of real clarity around it... and my back has also been much better!  (April 19)

Please see Testimonials section below for full comments.


HigherWill was founded by Lubna Samara to help more fully connect to that inner light - that part of each one of us that is divine, noble, pure sentience, and eternal.

Lubna's practice developed out of her experience of carving a path to the inner self based on higher guidance she received. She has practiced meditation, coaching and energy healing for over 25 years and has never failed to be moved and humbled by the love and guidance that surrounds each one of us, equally.

Lubna started working life as a mathematician in the Petroleum industry and then moved to the Investment Banking field; she holds a BSc in Mathematics and an MBA in Finance. During her time in banking she became interested in meditation and spent several years looking for a teacher or a method that she could embrace. Reluctantly giving up the search she finally decided that each one of us is spectacularly well guided and what she needed to do was to "tune in" to this guidance. It was between her and her Maker. This set her off on a path which has led her to develop her own method of spiritual development.

What was a life long interest in esoteric disciplines had by this time turned into a lodestar of desire to connect to and experience divine love, and the call to spiritual pursuits eventually overwhelmed all else. Following guidance, she spent many years devoting several hours a day to purifying her energy field through meditation/communion and T'ai Chi, and raising her conscious awareness through paying close attention to higher guidance, reading extensively, attending courses of various disciplines and methods*, and gaining a deeper understanding into the power of the superconscious mind.

In its highest sense at HigherWill we aim to raise the lower will and desires to harmonise with the Higher Will - whether that's your own Higher Self, Universal Love or the Divine.

It would be our privilege to work with you on your journey   🎈

* Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, recognised by the NHS. The NFSH requires 2 years of training, and a minimum of 100 hours of registered practical healing sessions to qualify
* Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, and Spiritual Coach