Higherwill is a powerful method for healing and self-development which helps to align your body, mind and spirit with your highest path. We do this through a series of energy healing sessions, and meditations which can be practised in between the sessions.

Every living being radiates a system of energy fields which are both inside and around the physical body; these interconnect to each other and nourish each other. In the course of living our lives we suffer blows that create blockages in these fields pulling them out of shape and weakening their fabric, leaving us vulnerable. The connection between the energy fields also gets disrupted - ever felt like your head and your heart were in totally different places?

Healing is a holistic discipline which works by bringing a powerful energy to clear these blockages and replenish areas which are depleted, bringing back flow and balance at every level. At Higherwill we aim to give relief from physical disorders, help in transcending emotional patterning and trauma, overcoming mental hurdles, and finding spiritual direction and guidance. In short, we want to help you radiate your truest most beautiful light.

Healing Can Help To
  • Give physical relief from problems like joint and back problems, promoting post-operative healing, giving support for chronic conditions
  • Ease stress and its related symptoms such as panic attacks, depression, migraines, gastrointestinal problems
  • Recognise - and very importantly - release negative emotional patterns that limit our personal development and fulfilment. It is important to have a mental understanding of these dynamics, but it's been my experience that unless they're seen "from the heart" a real shift will not happen. Energy work such as meditation and healing facilitate these transformational releases
  • Give clarity to problems and helps to transcend them
  • Strengthen the connection between the conscious mind and the core... one's own Higher Self
From clients' experiences:
-     I can say that I am in a significantly better place in my life both circumstantially and attitudinally. There have also been a series of unexpected but quite fortuitous events which I have experienced. Could all of this be coincidental, some might feel that way, but I can see a clear link between the healing I underwent and how I feel now.
-     In just three sessions the transformation was amazing. I will highly recommend her healing for all souls desiring to re-connect with their respective Higher Selves.
-      The real surprise was I felt an energy passing across my brow and a fog lifting. I'd been grappling with a problem in my life for the past 2 years and I had a moment of real clarity around it... and my back has also been much better!

Results vary from person to person, and whilst most people start to feel a sensation of heat or energy flowing and shifting from the first session, it can typically take 4-6 sessions to effect longer term results. Healing is complementary to Western medicine.

Distant Healing

Clients are often physically unable to come to me for healing, either because of location or their circumstances. In these instances Distant Healing can be carried out.How it works: after a phone conversation, the patient is asked to lie or sit down in a comfortable position whilst the healing takes place.  There would be a follow up conversation to discuss the problem and how to proceed - for instance, a short meditation focussing on light may be advised in between sessions.

About Me

My educational background was a BSc in Mathematics, a Masters in Economics and an MBA in Finance; I worked in the Investment Banking field. During that time I became interested in Meditation and spent several years looking for a teacher or a method that I could really identify with and embrace. Eventually I gave up and started on a path which has led me to develop my own method of meditation - one which is still central to my life.

The call to spiritual pursuits eventually overwhelmed all else. I spent seven years practicing 2 hours of T'ai Chi and several hours of meditation daily. My healing practice developed out of this meditation and awareness of energy. I was amazed by what we are capable of perceiving when our minds and senses are pushed beyond established channels.

I have practiced healing for over 25 years and have never failed to be moved and humbled by the love and guidance that surrounds each one of us, equally. In its highest sense healing and meditation aim to raise the lower will, our conscious mind and desires, to harmonise with the Higher Will - whatever that may mean to you, your own Higher Wisdom, Universal Love, Universal Energy, or God.

Healer member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, recognised by the NHS.
When my knee kept giving way, and following an MRI I was told that the reason was a torn ACL and that surgery might be the only option for treatment. Whilst waiting for surgery, I decided to have a couple of healing sessions with Lubna to help relieve the pain in my knee. My surgery … Read more "Untitled"
I came for healing to help with a recurring back problem. I’m not a believer particularly and being honest, I came as an act of desperation rather than any belief or expectation that healing would help. I was honest with Lubna about that and she seemed cool with it. It’s hard to describe what happened … Read more "Untitled"
During a time of personal crisis, Lubna’s healing allowed me to connect with my Higher Self. I could finally start channelling and could see how strong nether forces were bringing me down. The light started shining brighter and dark forces started being exposed. My Higher Self Finally Took matters into His Own Hands as never … Read more "During a time of personal"
Joy Radhe
I came to healing with Lubna, with hope, but certainly no conviction that healing would make a difference. I wanted to tackle areas in my life that felt stuck and negative; that had been so for much of my adult life, and which had been exacerbated by traumatic events in recent years. During the sessions … Read more "Untitled"
When I made the decision to see a healer, I was going through a very difficult period in my life, experiencing among other things chronic insomnia. When I met Lubna for the first time she was incredibly friendly and professional and made me feel very relaxed when I arrived. Her home has a wonderful aura/energy. … Read more "When I made the decision"
I turned to healing as I was in emotional turmoil, and had feelings of despair and in a life crisis. Since my first healing with Lubna I have noticed a considerable change in myself. I came to healing feeling hopeless and in a state of despair. I now feel calmer, more positive and filled with … Read more "Since my first healing I"
I have been suffering from edema in my legs and pain in my joints for the past few years. I’ve been seeing Lubna for the past couple of months and since then, the swelling in my legs has subsided and I’ve been able to walk for longer periods without my stick. I’ve also been sleeping … Read more "Untitled"
I have been seeing Lubna Samara for healing for over a year, and our regular sessions concentrate on fighting the possible recurrence of a serious illness that left me disabled some years ago, as well as addressing occasional minor problems. Healing sessions with Lubna have become a very important part of my holistic campaign to … Read more "I have noticed improvements in minor problems and feel increasingly optimistic about my long term health."
I have already had several healing sessions  with Lubna . I came to her in different circumstances in my life, searching for relieve from anxiety,  lack of energy or sadness. And after each and every session I experienced great improvement in my energy level and emotional balance. I also slept much better after the sessions! … Read more "Great improvement in my energy level and emotional balance"

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